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Your knowledge is unlimited Suzi — you reaffirmed what I had forgotten all those years ago and now I can walk my boy on a loose lead and enjoy our coffee shop visits — Josie, so appreciate it.

Labrador Rescue dog

Thankyou  Thankyou Thankyou — Suzi and Shadow

I never thought I would see my boy socialise with another dog but he loves Shadow — you are amazing and we are so grateful.

Rosie and Rex

“I am so happy and proud” — we won 5 ribbons at the western pleasure horse show Thanks to you Suzi — Joanne

Irish wolfhound behaviour

We had a party here on Friday night for Dressage.  An impromptu party… well… Connor had impeccable manners and was a delight to have around. People commented on how well behaved he was. He didn’t jump up or beg for food and be in the way at all. Connor mingled like a fabulous host and when people asked him to sit, he did, and lie down and he did, and enjoyed the pats and the attention.Yep! Party dog, has come to live in the right house alright.

People were telling me about their dogs and when you hear some of the stories, you appreciate just how good your own dog is and know there is better still to come.

Thank you so much.

Escape artist

Happy to report good news; As far as I know our girl hasn’t escaped again!  We have been putting the radio on outside a couple days a week and I have put corrugated iron sheets along the top of the side fence (covered with bamboo). Both her and Coco are still well behaved on their walks and they seem quite content eating all the mulberries in the back yard for now.

Thanks again!

Best behaviour

I must share a funny story. Yesterday we went to Grand Ma and Grand Pa’s place for a visit and an hour long walk. They are so proud of him and everyone comments on how lovely he is and how well behaved too. Well, they started to have a bicker over who he behaved the best for. Had to laugh, talk about inciting a riot. TeeHee. They both do well, but he has them pretty well trained.

I show them what to do and how to do it and what to be aware of as an evasion. So they are blown away at how good he is going. He is good at positioning himself right by my leg when I ask him to heel.
So much improved.  Thank you!


I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say what an amazing and awesome lady you are.

Since my cat has gone missing and I’ve opened my mind to the possibility of communicating with animals, I’ve encountered several people who have helped me take the blinders off.

Since meeting you and having had a couple of sessions, as well as regular phone contact, I have discovered a whole new world.

You are such a warm, loving and inspirational lady. The encouragement and compassion you have shown towards all animals, me and my pets, has been an incredible experience. You have given me guidance regarding my missing cat as well as guidance, advice and encouragement on how to relate to my other pets.

Using your techniques and advice I have already noticed a considerable change for the positive in myself and my pets. It can only improve from here.…

One day, I hope I am able to help people and animals as you do. You truly are an inspiration. Hopefully more people over time, will open their minds and experience this gift you offer. I take great pleasure in recommending you to my friends and family at any given opportunity.

My apologies for my “few lines” but expressing what you do is difficult to put into words.

I really do admire you Suzy and all that you stand for. Thankyou for all that you have done and offered. I’m sure there are many people and animals who feel the same!!

Take care and continue the the wonderful work that you do.

Yours Sincerely,
Tonya Bond


Just a happy update:
After we worked on Ben and Chika the other day, I’ve noticed an improvement. I have decided to work on them individually for a while, so they can build up their confidence.

Chika is perfect on the lead, and off the lead; even with other dogs. BUT this seems to be the case ONLY when Ben’s not around.. :/ It’s amazing. Seriously.

Ben is much better without Chika as well. When I walked him on his own, he wasn’t pulling, or barking, or growling. I had complete control. I haven’t introduced him to any dogs as yet when it has been just he and I (no chika), but his attitude to strangers is more confident and relaxed.

I’m going to walk them individually for a while.

What do you think? Also, how are you, superwoman =]
Thanks so much for the visit ♥



Thought I’d email to let you know that our boy  has now been promoted to grade 2 at puppy school. :)
He’s doing well and we’re very proud of him.

Thankyou for your help.

Jac. xxx

Gentle Giant

Another warm and fuzzy from the boy!

Went to Better Pets and Gardens today. There were a couple of toddlers who wanted to pat Connor. He was so gentle and good, I asked him to sit and not get excited, which he did, then I asked for him to go down as he was still towering above them. He then rolled over with his tail wagging and they rubbed his tummy.

At the counter, another encounter with a toddler. He was so well behaved. Also this time he went to the scales and sat down and relaxed while he weighed in.  43.5kg. He was 31kg when we got him.

A girl behind the counter said she wished her dog was as well behaved as Connor, because she can’t bring her dog into the store because it gets too excited.

Puppy school tonight. :)
Hope you are well and happy.

Jac. xxx


Hi Suzanne, Thankyou for looking after our babies while we were away, they are so much calmer, what did you do – we want some of that, see you soon,


They were almost a picture of perfection at sport today, so excited at first but calmed down.  They’re doing so well.  You are a genius, I am sharing with all my friends,

Thankyou so much from a happy family.

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