Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter


Suzanne Phillips
Owner/Manager and Educator

I help people with pet issues — none are difficult and by sharing my knowledge, together we overcome obstacles with natural, instinctual principles that govern the animal world.

Problem pets are my specialty and I am serious about creating quality pet and human relationships. My passion is to improve animal’s lives and have done this over and over by using the unique gift of communicating my insights to humans.

I hand raised a puppy from 5 days old who assisted a special little deaf girl and her family and I have fostered and rehabilitated many dogs in the past. In my life at the moment, Shadow, a border collie, preceded by Carrie, the Doberman 13 years of age, 4 year old English Setter, Ethan, assistant Border Collie, Georgie, 15 years of age who is calm with all dogs (sadly Georgie passed).  Pepi the Poodle, Jilli the sheep herding Kelpie, Cody the Border Collie (now also in dog heaven).  Jack the Labrador, Trixie the Jack Russell x spaniel.   Shep the rescue white Swiss Shepherd — to name just a few of my helpers over the years.  WE have all shared many hours walking the river and enjoying socialising at the many dog friendly coffee shops with owners and their beloved best friends.  And we must mention my mare “One Day In May” a great helper with humans who have fears of horses. Thankyou to them all.

Amber, Carrie, Jilli Phillips and Pepi Phillips and now young Shadow (Canine Assistants)

Shep and Pepi (Canine Assistants) the young and old assistants

Carrie Haddon –(Canine Friend) (Dec) miss u girl
Doberman – gave peace and calm to any situation.

Ethan – (Canine friend)
Young Dog communicator/assistant –very relaxed way of dealing with young and excited pets.

Georgie Debenham (Canine friend) (sadly recently passed) Rest in Peace lovely girls. 15 years
Non-residing assistant coach and trainer to the more troubled pooches.

One Day in May (May) — my special thoroughbred of 14 years.

Boof 17 years & Georgie 15

Alex Cearns
Official Photographer ‘Houndstooth Studio’ - published worldwide. Official photographer for the RSPCA.

Office Adviser/Promotions – Dalida
Accountant – Gracie (one very special lady)

Assistant Handlers -  Marie Normoyle (thankyou)

Personal Assistants and Advisers - Anne & Gracie

Office Assistant — Chloe and Anne

Elders & advisory – John and Thel

Desrae Gant - Muscle Therapist.