Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter


Ethan comforting a horse who was lonely in his paddock.

When we understand how our pets process our world and their states of mind, then we can work towards living in harmony.

A better way to work with your pets that is not stressful or harsh.

Join our club and come enjoy our social sessions held though out the week = bookings essential, but we guarantee results and fun.

When you understand your pets, your whole life can change and you never know what you know that you don’t know.

My new poodle and border collie love to come with the horses and the elder poodle x Bichon wouldnt let me go out the door without him when we took the Kelpie and Border Collie for walks or socialising, so we invented a couple of ways to take him including a front pack.

Find a better way is my learning from Guy Maclean and I follow his lead with gentle ways and understanding of the horse which I love to share with you when you spend time with me and my furry friends.

A horse can travel to another country and understand his herd — we cannot even speak the next states dialect sometimes.  Universal language of the animals — something to consider.