Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter


Special helpers for AnimismDon’t ever give up on your pets — there is help, there is a better way and it is my mission to assist you and your pets.

I get many calls from people who are about to give up on their pets by either giving away or even worse and we assist in rehabilitating them.

They just need some understanding and assistance and the humans only need the tools, knowledge and how to.

We make it fun as well even though it is very serious when you reach this stage.

I work with some of the worst cases with horses, dogs and cats — if a person doesn’t understand a natural way of being, it can be very terrifying for them to see their special pet behaving in a way that is very unsocial by a humans standards.  Don’t put up with it or just leave them in the backyard as one family did with my little boy Pepi and horse “May” — there is help, just call me.

Animism gives people the tools they need with lots of gentle assistance from some very mature and social horses and dogs themselves if required.


Come along to one of our social days here in the Gold Coast, Qld.

Listen to us on the radio from time to time — I was on 92.9fm with Lisa’s Rottweiller and Sam’s cat then on Curtin 100.1fm with Matthew and Rae on the Garden segment talking about dogs and cats in gardens plus other issues on Saturday morning.

Daycare is fun