Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter


Personal Counselling Sessions or Group Bookings as requested.

Group sessions for you and your pet are ongoing.  Ours are very different and not always held indoors.  We venture out in the room of life (Mother Nature) in the manner of walking outdoors with your best mates, socialising at cafes and beach walking and swimming.  Life gives us some challenges and we help to break down the barriers and give tools to cope.

Gone are the old days.  Today, everyone sees a counsellor for all manner of things.  Sharing and downloading or venting with someone who holds your inner thoughts and emotions in strictest confidence.  We can assist with the tools to help you make more informed decisions and conquer your fears.

Call us for any information on our regular sessions and walks.  We cover wildlife as well as domestic pets and include visits to wildlife areas for socialising, enlightenment and balancing our energies.

We can share breakfast or a cuppa while socialising our special pets.   Peaceful places to calm energies and empower you with information to create a harmonious relationship with your furry friends.

Call us on 0408 949 683 for further information.

Life is what you want it to be — make your own mind up and be the change you want to see in the world.