Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter

What I Do

We will:


  • Create new, positive behavioural patterns with your pet.
  • This usually takes 2 – 3 sessions, depending on your commitment to the process.
  • To find out your individual process of creating a lifelong change, in your pets lives, call me direct on 0408 949 683 or email
  • NEW SESSIONS for groups — learn socialising skills and enjoy controlled time together — BOOKINGS REQUIRED as small groups for focused learning.
    Rescue dogs and horses are special pets that need an extra bit of help -  we  do this together with awesome outcomes and very happy and contented pets.  No food bribery or harsh methods.

Let me help you to have a wonderful relationship with your pets.  One that you all deserve.

The Consultation/session

The usual style Session will take place in your own home with all the family.  This is so you and your pet/s are in your own surroundings and are relaxed and assessment is as natural as possible - 3 hours initially.

During this time you will learn why your pet is behaving as it has.  Observing and assessing their behaviour in their own environment.

Once you understand their behaviour, I can show you how to communicate with them and using no harsh methods, let them know that any undesirable behaviour is no longer viable, just like their own animal parents would.  We work with their state of mind.  Your horse, dog or cat will begin to relax and control its own actions, which you will see before our consultation is over.

All this WITHOUT using any force.  NO shake bottles, anti-bark collars, sprays, chains or any other gadgets and gimmicks!  No harsh methods or bribery!

Together, at the first session, we will write out a guide of everything we have discussed and anything extra that may assist you.

I am just a phone call away to help you with your lovable pets if you need back up, advice or just reassurance.


  • Knowledge for you using a combination of counselling, training and energy skills.
  • Compassion and understanding of your animals needs and requirements to enjoy a more fulfilling partnership relationship.
  • Patience – special training as required – learn how it takes time for self and the correct energy to achieve any goals.
  • Guidance using imagination by utilising skills including NLP, Gestalt Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Behaviour Therapy and Spirituality to improve outcomes for oneself and those you care about.
  • Support through difficult times and the tools to resolve communication problems.
  • You will be equipped to make more informed choices using your own internal frames of reference and knowledge.

“Our animals reflect our own inner turmoils and can also be the guide required in resolving them”.

Contact me

Please complete the form and give me details about the problem your dog/horse/cat/other pets are having and I promise to reply to your query as soon as possible or

Please phone me on:     0408 949 683

Leave a message if I am not on the line, so I can contact you ASAP.

You can also contact me by email or use the email request form.