Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter

Dog/Best Mate

Dogs with problems can manifest their symptoms in ways humans do not always understand such as excessive barking, separation anxiety, destructive chewing, problem digging, compulsive disorders, pulling on the lead, jumping on you and others, toileting in the correct place, possessiveness, tail chasing, fussy eating, nervous –of people, children, other dogs, fireworks, places, aggressive –towards you, other people, dogs and children, obsessive–water, chasing shadows, paw licking, chewing and spinning.

You can now help your dog to overcome any issue it has and it will learn to relax and calm down and to give up all of its bad habits. I will help you to become a positive leader, one that your dog will be happy to follow regardless of breed, size or age of the dog.

As a Human and Animal Counsellor, I can show you how to use a gentle, simple and psychological method that all the family can use, one that will give you the calm, obedient and happy pets that you can enjoy within your family unit.  No bribery or harsh methods.

Once you understand animal’s social structure, their manner of communication and instincts, you will have the knowledge to treat any issues your pets have and therefore, gain the most intimate understanding, and successful and rewarding relationship with your pets.

I travel all over and am available for teleconference if necessary.

Rescue dogs are special dogs that need an extra bit of help and I can show you how you can give them a wonderful life.

Personal Sessions or Group Courses

Behaviour, Origin, Communication and Physiology including the senses: taste, hearing, vision, olfactory, plus the importance of touch, body temperature and respiration, personality, how genetics affect learning, myths and misconceptions, personality traits by breed and breed groups.

We cover classical & operant conditioning theory and practice and conditioning in application.

Care and wellbeing classes including choosing the right pet, male and female differences, creating the right living environment with the area your pet rests, home safety, nutrition & feeding, grooming and socialising for your pet.

Please contact me on 0408 949 683 or email for a personal session with you and your family pet or group.