Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter


February 2nd, 2011

Hi from Suzanne.

I love my job!  I feel that our animals reflect our inner happiness.

My work, Animism is Human and Animal Counselling, this encompasses animal psychology – learning how to understand animals and help difficult pets.

Please contact me on 0408 949 683 or email if you would you like to know how to communicate with your animals.

Did you know that animals utilise many communication tools — it’s just different to how humans talk!

I have combined a love of people and animals.  My counselling career and animal work assists people to understand how to make changes and what can be achieved when all is not balanced in their world.

This involves educating about animal psychology, working with people to understand what animals need and I use rehabilitation techniques to help people learn  to understand animals better.

I assist with rescuing  of wildlife, relocations of animals and animal education programmes – wildlife and domestic.

My Vision:  To allow people, animals and the environment to exist together in unison – understanding each other and how to communicate on different levels.

Mission:  To have as many dogs/pets and owners out and about enjoying life socially.

Dogs are much more than their physical selves, just as we humans are.  It is assumed the highly refined sense of hearing and smell pets possess plays a significant role, as does their ability to detect subtle vibrations in the earth, and changes in the air or in electromagnetic fields.

Thus they are responsible for many rescue scenarios and they are here to teach us about love and pleasure as well.   It matters not who we are, what we do, or what we own, or if our skin is a different colour.   Dogs only know love for their family members.

Someday when we reach heaven will not be asked what we owned, acquired or accomplished. Will be asked how much, how often and how deeply we loved.  I believe that for dogs this question was simple to answer — for they give love all the time.