Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter


I am an expert in the animal field with over 40 years of experience working with all kinds of pets, including K9 to 5 Dog Daycare, supervising up to  44 dogs in one area and training horse trotters professionally for 5 years.  Education and hospital supervisor and programmes with Wildlife centres such as Kanyana Wildlife Centre, association with dog and horse Whisperers in NSW and Queensland and wildlife photography assistant (“animal wrangler” as Alex of Houndstooth Studio quotes) have given me much pleasure over the years.

Certified Pet Obedience trainer and Nominated for the Master Dog Breeders Association assisting animals award.  Training & Behaviour Consultant & Assessor compliments my life experience as an authorised trainer.  Whiteman Park, HQTAG and The Equine Therapy Centre are among our associates.

I believe in supporting worthy causes for the animals who cannot voice their opinions.

I hold numerous Reptile Rehabilitation Certificates and Education Certificates with Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and CALM/DEC.

My counselling skills have evolved with ongoing study assistance of the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling (AIPC) with Advanced Study Majors in Careers Counselling, Child Development and Effective Parenting, Relationship Counselling, Workplace Counselling and Grief & Loss Counselling and these I have combined with the animal expertise to create a full coverage of rehabilitation work for humans and animals. When someone says their horse or dog is naughty, I assist them to understand that it is not naughtiness, but a lack of communication between animal and human, then the real fun and happiness begins.

Amber, my English Springer Spaniel of 15.5 years — “Thank you my best mate — we had the most awesome adventures”.

Alex calls me her native animal handler because I have assisted her and her successful international photography business ‘Houndstooth Studio’ with native animal photo sessions such as the rare bilbies, endangered red tailed black cockatoo, pythons, echidna’s, bobtails, emu’s and even Australia’s rare Dingo and pups. Boy, what a privilege to work alongside someone this talented. I thought my passion was strong. She loves the animals as much as I do. I am an expert in reading animal energy and pre-empting their behaviour, she says, which has definitely evolved from being raised in Tasmania on farms where we had up to 18 dogs at one time, (rescue and relocation pooches). I am the third of 6 children and our farms housed many species of animals including platypus in the dam which Dad had to continually relocate.

Life is an ongoing education for me and there is always something new to learn in the animal kingdom. The more I know, the more I know I don’t know and have to learn. I have given up the corporate world to assist humans and animals lead happier and more healthy interactive lives.

My list of horses and dogs that I have had in my care is lengthy, from the Apaloosa, Thoroughbred and Welsh pony to Doberman, Red Cloud Kelpie, Dingo x Red Heeler, Rottweiller, German Shepherd, Australian Terrier to Tibetan Terrier, Huskies, Bedlington Terrier, Whippet, just to name a few, all different and unique and I loved them all but always respected their animal ways.  Understanding them is my specialty.

I have lived a corporate world in amongst all my animal work and I loved it all.  It has bit by bit built me to be the person I am now but I know my passion is with education and motivation around pets who give us so much.

My courses empower others to share their knowledge and enjoy their animals.  I decided to go back to working with horses when I met a girl who had put her horse down because it thought she was a predator and injured her and she just couldn’t understand what had happened.  To myself and others it was explainable, if you looked at it from the horses point of view, but it was the lack of knowledge that created the accident.