Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Animal Interpreter

About Me

My Helper “Shadow” from a crazy dog to my helper.

Animism the business, emerged from a love of humankind and animals.


“Some believe that all natural objects and the universe itself possess a soul – that souls exist in humans, animals, plants, rocks, natural phenomena including thunder, geographic features such as mountains or rivers and other entities of the natural environment”.

Friend ‘Henry’ — From Kanyana Education — picture by Houndstooth Studio

What you believe is personal but an Animism session or social class will assist you with what you need to know to live in emotional, physical and mental comfort with your beloved pets.

I will guide you with making informed choices and also learn what you need to know to understand animals and learn how you can help difficult pets with issues.

I counsel to assist with fears, phobias, anxiety, anger, trauma and loss, plus hold regular programs and coaching, thus giving you knowledge for life.  We don’t use any harsh methods, scary tools or food bribery.

My passion is to assist animals and humans to live together in harmony and not have our canine and wildlife friends destroyed because we don’t understand or fear them. This is often due to not realising why they revert to their natural instinctual drift which causes us distress. Once people have the knowledge, it is very simple and we don’t need to be cruel or use bribes.

It becomes fun and respectful and I love seeing the changes within the pets and their special owners who care enough to seek assistance.

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A lifetime of assistance for your growth and development with Animism.

Animism was created by me, Suzi. Check my qualifications or read my story.

Training & Behaviour Consultant plus Behavioural Assessments  and Nominated for the Master Dog Breeders Association assisting animals award . Training with Cengage Education and many top horsemen and women. I am always furthering my knowledge and love sharing it with others whether its at the beach or coffee shop.  My office is fun for you and your special pets.

RSPCA Million Paws Walk Exhibitor, Public speaker for the animals at Whiteman Park Doggy Walks and organiser of local dog walk functions.  Radio talk back participant, Saturday morning gardening show. New Zealand with Buck Brannaman clinics and love the Susan River Ranch riding (Guy McLean) and his poetry.

Having taken on a horse who had been left in a paddock for 6 years without handling, I also embarked on a further career with very famous horsemen and women the likes of Buck Brannaman and Sylvia Zerbini, Natural ways for humans to be with horses. I have now moved to Queensland to further my career and be with family. Yes brought my mare over as well and have found so many wonderful people here who care about the environment and their pets.

Life is amazing, let me help you as others have assisted me. Recently I attended a weekend with Mick at HQTAG (ex-SAS) and learnt skills on how to survive in the bush and other challenging exciting adventures which I highly recommend to build your confidence and understanding of self.  You see, animals don’t follow a soft person nor a hard headed person.  They follow the calm balanced leader as you will often hear,but how to achieve this — book a session with us and we will show you very easily and you will have fun at the same time. You don’t learn by staying home.  Be brave as I have done in my life thanks to my Dad and family.