Weekend news for March

Early start for me this morning, walking a beautiful dalmationxretriever then off to Whiteman Park for our 8am session with German Shepherd in tow, helping bring balance and calm to the little fluffy Schitzu, terrier x and kelpie x border collie.  They all loved the balance of rest, play and socialising — humans and furry friends.

A quick session with my 12 year old thoroughbred who is hand fed by many visitors each day, making her a little spoilt and cheeky and then off to Taylors for a delightful night of social fundraising — Jilli, my kelpie was a huge delight to the children and adults who loved to give pats to friendly dogs.  A great ambassador for our business.  Thankyou special dog.


Walked Carrie and heard that the other doberman is doing
well socially.  Go Gnarla.

Walked with old couple and their snappy dog who likes Carrie
but not a lot of other dogs, she looks a bit happier, they still worry.

Horse function with Paula and met her new dog Trixie the
jack russelxdalmation.

Took Carrie and George to see Toby and he is so much happier
and has not even looked at anyone in a bad way – they are doing a great job
with him.   They all look happier, so
pleased for them.

And so happy that the dingo pup has been found and reunited
with her family after 8 weeks.

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